Debit on Delivery

This feature allows money to stay in the customer’s account until the transaction is fully completed. Instead of pulling funds from the customer’s card, it merely places a hold and then allow the customer to fully authorize the transaction with the dispatch app on successful delivery

How it Works

The buyer completes an online purchase and pre-authorisation is placed on the funds until the goods or service is delivered. The money is not taken out of their bank account, but is simply held until delivery is made.

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The seller dispatches the goods with help of a delivery service, the delivery service will have access to the Mastercard e-commerce app on either their mobile device. This allows them to complete the transaction on behalf of the e-retailer once the delivery has been completed. This ensures the funds flow directly to the e-retailer and that the delivery service does not handle cash unnecessarily.

On delivery the consumer is able to inspect their goods and confirm if they are satisfied. The transaction is then verified on the app by the delivery service representative, and as an extra security measure the consumer will enter the last four digits of their bank card to complete the transaction.

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