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This documentation would show you how easy it is to start accepting payments from your users using the Netpluspay API

Using inline Javascript

Our inline javascript method enables you to start accepting payments on the web easily. In order to do this, your first need to get a merchant id by registering here.
Next you follow the steps below and you can start accepting payments easily.

  • Add our javascript library to the script tag of your web page
  • Initialize the Netpluspay class with required data
  • Call the begin transaction method.

Code Sample

<div  id="payArea"></div>
<form  class="text-center"  style="color: #757575;"  action="#!">
    <div  class="md-form mt-3">
	    <input  type="text"  id="name"  class="form-control">
	    <label  for="name">Name</label>
	<div  class="md-form">
		<input  type="email"  id="email"  class="form-control">
		<label  for="email">E-mail</label>
	<div  class="md-form">
		<input  type="text"  id="amount"  class="form-control">
		<label  for="amount">Amount</label>
	<button  type="button"  onclick="payWithNetplus()">Pay</button>
<script  src="http://js.netpluspay.com/inline.js"></script>
function  payWithNetplus(){
    let  name = document.getElementById('name').value;
    let  email = document.getElementById('email').value;
    let  amount = document.getElementById('amount').value;
    const  values = {
	    hostContainer:  "payArea",
	    success: (message) => {alert(message)},
	    failed: (message) => {alert(message)},
	    cancel: (message) => {alert(message)},
	    data: {
		    merchantId:  'YOUR_MERCHANT_ID',
		    name:  name,
		    email:  email,
		    amount:  amount,
		    currency:  "NGN"//(USD also accepted),
		    orderId:  ''+Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000000000) + 1)
		    narration: 'REASON FOR PAYMENT'
		let  netplusPay = new  NetplusPay(values);

Things to note

  • We expect your orderId to be unique every time.
  • The success call back is called when a transaction is successful
  • The failed call back is called when a transaction fails
  • The cancel call back is called when the user cancels the transaction

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