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Remove COD, let your customers Release Funds on Delivery

Hold Funds, allow your customer to Release on Delivery

This feature allows money to stay in the customer’s account until the transaction is fully completed. Instead of pulling funds from the customer’s card, it merely places a hold and then allow the customer to fully authorize the transaction with the dispatch app on successful delivery .

Reduce Costs associated with unsuccessful deliveries

Eliminate the costs associated processing fulfilment that later gets rejected by the customer. Net+Pay completely remove for CoD and allow you to fully focus on customers with high intention of completing the transactions. Net+Pay transforms the massive and expensive Payment effort into a simple and automated solution.

Improve Transaction Reconciliation

The Pay on Delivery brings the headache of matching transaction done on your website to actual payment and this can be a long, painful process which often lead to inability to fully reconcile final positions. Net+Pay solves that issue by issue real time notification and backend logs which allows you to match successful transactions with a few clicks of a button .

Improved Safety

Holding customers’ funds instead of a full authorization when a customer makes a purchase casts a safety net for your business. You can easily confirm funds are available before taking any action. .

Take customers' order on the
phone and send them a Paylink

With the TelePay feature, you can send a simple payment link to your customer to prepay for your service. You can also use it to hold funds, and allow customer to release funds once service has been provided or good received.

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