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Offer your customers a convinient and secured way to make online
payments for your product and service via web or mobile


This feature allows money to stay in the customer's account until the transaction is fully completed. instead of pulling funds from the customer's card, it merely places a hold and then allow the customer to fully authorize the transaction with the dispatch app on successful delivery


Provide an easy way for your customers to pay you on a periodic basis. Whether its bills, mortgage or other loan payments, the recurring solution allows funds to be pulled out of your customer's card authomatically, and can be linked to multiple cards and accounts

This innovative payment solution allows your agents who take orders via a telephone from customers offer more value. They can send a 'payment link' to the buyer via email for them to make payments. Funds will be blocked up until delivery is made to a satisfied customer thereby improving the customer experience


Plug this to your website or mobile app and let your customers pay for your goods and/or service instantly

NetPlusPay is a robust payment solution for your business.
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