API documentation and Plugins


This document describes and guides the developer on how to integrate into NetPlusPay Debit- on-Delivery (DoD) functionalities in which funds are held till the customer releases the funds after confirming the delivery of the item through the Saddle delivery app

First Step

The first part of debit on delivery requires that a call is made to NetPlusPay gateway.
The call is a post to our URL: https://netpluspay.com/payment/

The post parameters must include the followings:

  • full_name
  • Email
  • total_amount
  • merchant_id - this would have been setup on our gateway
  • currency_code - NGN
  • Narration
  • order_id
  • return_url - the url that responses would be sent to

A sample form would look like this:

but will display like this:

Second Step

The second part of the integration involve the Saddle logistic management functionality. As soon as successful payment is made the order details into Saddle from where the customer is expected to authorize the release of funds

Post is made to http://test.saddleng.com/v2/delivery
Note the following are required parameter;
Headers param:
Client ID: Client ID is supplied from us
Client Secret: Client secret supplied from us

Below is the example data sent as json in the body of the request:

{"transaction_id":"wm2038939499990n", "client_id":"prx6ezk", "item_cost":"5600",
"courier_id":"ksixga9", "pickup_address":"21, Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi",
"pickup_location":"Lagos Island", "pickup_contactname":"Vanbed",
"pickup_contactnumber":"08099999904", "pickup_contactemail":"nnamware@yahoo.com",
"delivery_address":"test", "delivery_location":"Lagos Mainland",
"delivery_contactname":"test", "delivery_contactnumber":"07058249997",
"delivery_contactemail":"nnamware@yahoo.com", "item_name":"blue dial leather Strap
watch-A161m", "item_size":"", "item_weight":"5", "item_color":"-", "item_quantity":"1",
"image_location":"https://www.onlinestore.com/images/logo.png", "fragile":"1",
"perishable":"1", "pre_auth":"0", "status":"0", "POD": "0", "delivery_cost": "750",


You can contact NetPlus tech team for support through the following channels
Slack: NetPlus
Email: integration@netpluspay.com
Phone: 070 6535 8508